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Oakville News: Oakville blocks the new power plant … for now

March 16, 2010

The Town of Oakville seems to have a temporary roadblock up for the new 900-megawatt gas-fired power plant that is planned to be built in east Oakville.

But it won’t stop TransCanada from ultimately building the plant, according to a company spokesman who said “We remain fully committed to bring this clean energy project to Oakville.”

Just last week, Oakville’s committee of adjustment turned down a request by TransCanada and Ford Motor Company (the landowner), for variances to reduce the parking standards and setbacks from railway tracks at the proposed power plant site on Royal Windsor Dr.

The town of Oakville has temporarily frozen development of the site with an interim control bylaw that prohibits construction of any power plant 10 or more megawatts in size, pending an impact study by the town. That study will be ready for council on March 29. The bylaw expires on March 31.

The bylaw was passed “to fully study and address the potential environmental, land use, air quality and public safety impacts any proposed power plant could have on our town,” Mayor Rob Burton said. Council has the option of renewing the bylaw for up to one more year.

More than 500 residents rallied at Queen’s Park on Feb. 24 to protest the province’s decision to build a power plant in an area already facing a high level of air pollution.

The Ford property was one of three sites in Mississauga and Oakville that were considered for the new plant, which the province says is needed to cope with power demands as it phases out coal-fired generators and the area’s population continues to grow.

I guess we will all have to wait until March 31st to see the next chapter in the Oakville power plant saga… Stay tuned …

Read the full article by Mike Funston “Oakville temporarily blocks gas-fired power plant” from

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