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Oakville & Mississauga Home Sellers: Preparing to list your home for sale

March 5, 2010

Spring has come early to the local real estate market here in Oakville & Mississauga. I’m very much a proponent of “You can never be too prepared” and real estate is no different.  Preparing your house for sale is a multi-step process that deserves careful consideration.

Experience has proven that the time and effort you as a homeowner put in before your home or condo hit the real estate market can make all the difference in the world.  This doesn’t always have to mean investing mega bucks into your home right only to sell it – sometimes good old fashioned elbow grease is all that is needed.

I’ve put my money where my mouth is – I include in my home and condo listing package – a no cost, no obligation home staging consultation – FREE!

I work with a number of professional, accredited home staging consultants in Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga because finding someone that suits your style and needs is very important.

  • Appeal: You only have one chance to make a good first impression with a home buyer. Part of my job is to make sure that your home makes the best possible impression it can.  I can’t stress enough the importance of making your home appealing to prospective purchasers.  Adding a few pieces of furniture or taking a few pieces away is the first step in making each room appealing to the eye. On top of that, what is the condition of your paint? If it is dirty or hasn’t been painted in years, it will show that way. Colour can be a sensitive issue when selling your home. You may like your colors, but others may not.
  • I see a lot of  homes and condos for sale in Oakville and Mississauga and the number one problem is clutter.  A home that looks lived in is one thing, but a home that is on the market for sale is another. Clutter creates confusion for a home buyer when they are looking at your home or condo. Confusion or distraction over your things is not what you want a buyer to focus on.  Less is more. Take the time to clean out a closet and remove objects, toys and personal items that don’t add appeal to the room. It doesn’t mean that your family treasures or family photos aren’t important, but you want someone looking at your home or condo to feel as though it is or could be their home – that connection is what will help sell your home or condo. If de-cluttering your home or condo seems like too daunting of a task, get friends or family to help and make a day of it.  If you simply can’t effectively deal with it, there are lots of professional home organizers who can help you through this process.
  • List your home with a real estate broker (like me, forgive the shameless plug but it is my blog) that is familiar and knowledgeable with the location of your home. Being able to discuss facts about the neighborhood is one of the most important things I do when I’m showing a home or condo.  Knowing the market adds value when helping you sell your home.  With condos there are two things to consider, the location and surrounding neighbourhood, but also each condominium property is a community or neighbourhood onto itself.  There are constant changes and issues that can affect the value of your condo and using a realtor that understands this will make selling your condo a much, much easier process.
  • Making sensible decisions is critical in the home selling proceess.  There are so many issues that can affect the sale of your home or condo. My job isn’t just to sell your home – I take the time to build and keep relationships with my clients.  For me, this is the foundation of my business.  Communication is a two-way street: I need to be able to communicate with you effectively to help you to make the best decisions for your situation.   You also need to be able to communicate with me.  Without this, emotions can take over and this is the breeding ground for frustration and stress.

If you’re thinking of selling your home or condo and would like a home or condo valuation, or just to discuss your situation, contact me anytime.

Ryan Chelak is a real estate broker serving Oakville, Mississauga & the GTA, as well as a longtime Oakville resident. Subscribe to my blog to keep up to date on local news, information, events and of course everything you want to know about Oakville & Mississauga real estate.

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