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The fight over the Oakville power plant moves north

February 19, 2010

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Google map of site/location of the new gas-fired power plant to be built in southeast Oakville

NORTH OAKVILLE – The fight against the proposed gas-fired power plant in South-east Oakville is moving North as Councillor Jeff Knoll asks residents to join the battle.

“We’re trying to build some awareness of the whole power plant issue in North Oakville,” said Knoll. “For most people outside of the South-east Oakville area it’s out of sight and out of mind. The majority of the people spending time on the issue are the people living nearby the site.”

But Knoll, along with the activist group Citizens for Clean Air (C4CA), believe that what happens in South-east Oakville will affect North Oakville.

“The people of my ward and the rest of North Oakville need to become aware and engaged,” Knoll said. “As it looks like a runaway train speeding toward town at the moment, I think it’s time for the rest of Oakville to get involved and get their voices heard as well.”

Knoll and C4CA are hosting a community meeting to bring more awareness to the North end.

The meeting is planned for Wednesday, February 24 at River Oaks Community Church (2435 Munn’s Avenue), beginning at 7 pm.

To learn more about Citizens for Clean Air or get information on the proposed power plant, visit Councillor Jeff Knoll can be contacted at


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