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Customer Service: How hard is it??

January 28, 2010

Can I take your order please” is heard over the tinny, garbled speaker.

Yes, can I have a coffee with milk please??” I call back at the speaker covered with graffiti and promo stickers.

Is that everything?” the voice in the speaker asks me.

Yes, thank you” I reply.

Please drive up” So I do, waiting, coins in hand for a nice hot coffee with milk.

I hand my change to the drive thru window attendant, take my coffee in hand and drive off to meet with my new client looking for a condo in Mississauaga.

As I’m driving along the qew in Oakville I take a sip of my coffee and this sickly sweet taste hits me by surprise – my coffee with milk has been ambushed by cream and sugar! Blech!!

So I ask you, “How hard is it??!”

No really, is it too much to expect that you should get what you ask for today?

Is customer service only about speed and efficiency? Moving as many people through as fast as possible.

Now, for those of you about to bash me for frequenting a drive thru or buying a coffee from a national brand… don’t miss the point. The point is that somewhere along the road here we as consumers decided that we’d accept sub-par customer service. It’s not ok and eventually not giving the client what they are asking for will bite you in the ass.

Why am I taking this so personally? Some might say I’m overreacting, it’s only a cup of coffee. I am a service provider. As a real estate broker I help people buy and sell their homes and condos, providing information, knowledge and experience from my 12 years helping people with their real estate needs.

I decided long ago that I would be a full-service Realtor and go the extra mile for my clients. I don’t look at people as a commission or a transaction. I want people to ask me for my advice or opinion on any question they have whether it’s about a neighbourhood in Oakville, a recommendation for a real estate lawyer or whether they should do some improvements to their condo before they list it for sale.

My mission statement is: “to build lasting personal relationships with each and every client and exceed their expectations through every step of their journey in real estate ownership”.

Now, my boutique service approach to real estate doesn’t suit everyone’s needs and I’m ok with that. I can’t be everything to everyone, no one can. Regardless, I always make sure that if I don’t have the answer to a question I’m asked, I find out. I spend countless hours reading and educating myself on the goings on in Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga. I research and watch for trends in the market and am always looking for opportunities to better my clients.

Bottom line? It is not too much to ask for quality customer service and I will never give you cream and sugar in your coffee if you only want milk!

Ok, I’ve said my piece… share your comments and thoughts on customer service!

Ryan Chelak is a real estate agent in Oakville and longtime Oakville resident. Subscribe to my blog to keep up to date on local news, information, events and of course everything you want to know about Oakville real estate.

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