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Oakville Green News: Oakville Hydro cashing in on solar power

January 23, 2010

(Source: Oakville Beaver)

The future is coming and Oakville Hydro is racing to greet it.

The energy giant announced Thursday that it has become one of the first businesses in Oakville to install rooftop solar technology, which will be used to help power its Fourth Line and South Service Rd. W. facility, with excess energy transmitted to the Ontario power grid.

The 58 new 10-kilowatt photovoltaic panels cost the company around $100,000 to install, but are expected to generate enough electricity to power three residential homes for one year, thereby earning Oakville Hydro’s money back in around 10 years.

This process of repayment is also helped by the provincial government’s micro-feed-in-tariff-program (micro-FIT), which will pay Oakville Hydro 80 cents for every kilowatt hour it produces for the power grid.

“Solar technology can be installed on existing buildings, uses an unlimited renewable resource, produces zero emissions, zero noise and takes up zero usable space,” said Burkett.

Burkett encouraged both the residential and commercial sectors in Oakville to follow his company’s example noting Oakville Hydro’s use of solar power would place it in a position where it could learn and pass on best practices with regard to the power generation system.

Mayor Rob Burton also encouraged the use of solar power, during the presentation, noting a move away from fossil fuels is necessary for societies to continue to enjoy living at their current level of prosperity.

“This is a good start,” said Burton. “Oakville Hydro is trying to set an example. This is leading by example and we are here to encourage a shift to more and more sustainable energy here in Oakville.”

While Oakville Hydro’s solar power generation system cost around $100,000, this was a commercial model with residential solar power generation systems available for between $20,000 and $30,000 and less.

For more information about energy conservation visit Oakville Hydro at .

Read the entire article “Oakville Hydro cashing in on solar power” from the Oakville Beaver (January 22, 2010)

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