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Bad Real Estate Photo – #2 Backlighting

December 3, 2009

Bad Real Estate Photos – Episode #2: Backlighting


Here's what happens when you focus your lighting on the bright window and not the darker parts of the room. Ah! My eyes! It Burns...!

This photo focuses your eye on the bright windows and not on the clean open space of the kitchen

This back-lit photo draws the eye to the super bright windows and makes you miss out on the clean lines of the open concept kitchen


This back-lit photo of a condo makes a light room blinding... Another angle would showcase this nice well-lit room better.

  Here’s a pet peeve of mine… bad real estate photos.  There’s no excuse for it. 

  Digital photography and the ability to view photos as you take them means your real estate broker or salesperson has no excuse to post bad photos of your home or condo on the web or in print.  Bad real estate pictures make a mediocre property look worse and a great one look mediocre.   What’s more, questionable photos can be edited after the fact thanks to photo editing software.  Not knowing how to use the software isn’t an excuse either as most of the basic flaws can be fixed with the default auto filters.

  It’s not uncommon for me to spend a good hour or more taking photos of the condos, homes or townhouses I’m listing for my clients.   I’ve also used professional photographers to shoot my listings when time is tight – it’s crucial to have the photos in the MLS listing when it’s loaded as there’s nothing worse than “Photo Not Available”

What are your pet peeves when it comes to real estate photos?  Send me your really bad real estate photos and I’ll add them to my next blog entry on this subject.

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