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Oakville News: Oakville Mayor, Rob Burton will run for re-election in 2010

December 2, 2009

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Oakville Mayor Rob Burton said yesterday that he intends to run for re-election in the 2010 municipal election. The announcement came in response to a question from the audience at the Mayor’s Economic Development Update presentation hosted by the Oakville Chamber of Commerce.

“This is a fun and fulfilling job,” Mayor Burton said in response to the question posed by Chamber of Commerce Chair Sonny Jelinek. “I love this town and I’m proud of what Council and I have accomplished this term. I enjoy listening to residents and working with them to find new ways to make Oakville better.”

Mayor Burton was elected in November 2006, and today marks the first day of his fourth year in office. This term of Council developed a four year strategic plan and has accomplished nearly all of its goals. The town’s new official plan, Livable Oakville, was passed by the Region of Halton today, marking the fulfillment of a major component of Council’s strategic plan.

“Livable Oakville, our Economic Development Strategy, and new facilities have given Oakville a great foundation for the next 20 years, and I would be honoured to continue guiding our town on that voyage,” Mayor Burton said.

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