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Million Dollar Question: iPhone or BlackBerry for Real Estate

June 27, 2009

iPhone or BlackBerry?

I’m hoping that my readers and the online community can help me through this decision – iPhone? or BlackBerry Tour?

I have been a long-time BlackBerry user and fan. But let’s face it there are a ton of choices now in the smartphone market. Change can be scary – I’m used to the BlackBerry experience. It’s familiar – safe.
My son recently bought himself an ipod touch – this began my introduction to the app store. It’s cool – very cool. There’s a lot of truth to the “there’s an app for that” mantra that Apple is preaching.
To make matters worse, I was in the Apple Store and picked up the new iPhone 3G last week. Now, I only played with it for 5 minutes maybe to test the keyboard and check out the basic options. The keyboard is huge for me – that and the email speed of BB’s service are it’s biggest assets.
The reality is that I’m a business user first. Working in Real Estate, contacts and availability wherever I am is huge part of what I provide to my clients.
I’m being patient for now – mainly because I’m currently with Bell Mobility and they are still playing dumb about the BlackBerry Tour. I know it’s coming and apparently they don’t! Go figure. Verizon just recently launched info on the Tour on their website – so it’s just a matter of time before Canadian providers Telus and Bell make it official.
I know the reasons why I should or would stay with my BlackBerry. Now I need to hear from you iPhone users. Email me, comment here and let me know why I should consider switching to the iPhone.

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