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Bad Real Estate Photo of the Day – #1

February 22, 2009

    Does this photo look familiar? How many times have you gone to and searched for a property only to find a photo like the one above? 

 To be honest, there’s no exuse for a Real Estate professional to put out a listing without proper photos.  With the affordability of digital cameras and the ease of editing photos, this is not doing their clients’ justice.  
 As a homeowner, I wouldn’t want my home advertised like this and as a Real Estate Broker, I would never submit a new listing without having proper photos ready.  In today’s Real Estate market conditions, this photo could very easily result in your home being missed.  Personally, I look at additional photos and virtual tours with as much attention as the details of the property when I am searching for homes for my
 Buyer clients.  

   Not only do Realtors look at photos, but prospective purchasers are  online constantly looking at advertised homes, for sale by owner properties and Realtor websites.  This doesn’t mean that people expect professional photographers to be taking their photos, but in my opinion if care isnt’ being taken in this part of the listing process, what else could be missed….
 Ryan Chelak is a registered Real Estate broker serving Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington and the Greater Toronto Area.  Send me your questions and comments about my blog or if you would like a current market evaulation, visit my website
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