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From my Inbox – Can Donald Trump help the U.S. Real Estate Crisis?

August 17, 2008

Is Donald Trump trying to help the Real Estate crisis in the U.S.?

First, let’s clarify the situation. This morning I was reading the Wall Street Journal summary in my inbox and couldn’t help reading the full article.

Before you raise the Donald’s status to saint, read the article and you will discover, as I did that it’s Ed McMahon he is trying to save from foreclosure. Forget the millions of struggling homeowners that are about to lose their biggest, most important investment, Donald Trump is putting his resourses and most importantly his name behind someone made famous by Johnny Carson.

I had read the first article on the situation on Google and it is an unfortunate situation, but so are the countless others.

Maybe I’m being fickle, but in my opinion the only one benefitting from this is Trump. This is nothing but good publicity for him – another reason to get his name in the papers.
If he really wanted to help someone he could put the same energy into helping multiple people instead of someone that owes $7M and has been living lavishly in a almost $5M house.
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